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Check your progress.English…

Match the antonyms. One of the words is extra one.

  • optimistic – g) pessimistic
  • hard-working  – e) lazy
  • intelligent –  b) silly 
  • decent – a) indecent
  • just – f) unjust
  • beautiful – d) ugly f) unjust
  • persistent

Open the brackets and put the verb into the correct tense.

  • Our family save money for a new car by the end of the year.
  • If you caught the taxi, you wouldn’t meet Mary at the station.
  • Father told us that he bought the tickets the day before.
  • The girl waters her flowers in the morning.
  • This time tomorrow they will sit in the train on their way to Chicago.
  • Many reporters came to the conference yesterday.
  • Don’t shout! My son is sleeping.
  • He already broke his new bicycle.

 Characterize a person.

  • Steve isn’t afraid of dangerous situations. He is coward.
  • Ann can’t stop talking. She is talkative.
  • Bogdan hates spending money. He is saving.
  • Kate is friendly and enjoys being with other people. She is friendly.
  • Harry never tells a lie. He is onest.


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