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My first and my memorable friend…

When I was a very little girl, I had a friend, whose name was  Armine. At that time Armine was my best friend.We got  acquainted with her  in our yard and our families know each other  and  respected each other. Every day we met, talked, played, we were so attached friends, we did everything together, she was my best and dearest friend. We always had to talk to each other, even when we were ill. I loved Armine so much. I could not imagine my life without Armine.She grew up with me, she looked like my sister.   One bright day, when I and Armine were playing, Armine told, that she was going to America and would never return. When Armine said this, I was so surprised, I was so sad. I did not find words to express my sadness. Then I just could not speak, I did not imagine what I should do without Armine, as Armine was like my half. But as time passed my sadness was going, and I  understood that life is going on. But in any case Armine was my first,  my best, my dearest and my all.

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