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English homework… 03.10.2018…

Page 19, Ex.2, c

  1. My brother was climbing a tree when he fell and broke his leg.(fall, climb)
  2. When my parents came home, we watched a DVD.(come, whach)
  3. Jordan was phone while my sister was doing some homework.(phone,do)
  4. While I was playing tennis, a ball was hitting me in the eye.(play, hit)
  5. Kimberley was surfing the web, when she found a great new site.(surf,find)
  6. While we walked on the beach it started to rain.(walk,start)


  1. I heard a strange noise while I was walking.
  2. I looked up as something hit me on the head.
  3. As soon as the thing hit me  everything went black.
  4. When I was lying in a hospital bed, I woke up.
  5. I rang the bell as soon as a nourse came to talk to me.
  6. The nurse was talking to me while I fell in love with me.


Dylan: It was OK. The audience liked (like) it, I think. But we had(have) some problems.

Alan: Really?What happened(happen)?

Dylan: Well, as I sang(sing) the fourth song, all the lights suddenly went(go) out!

Alan: Oh, no!What you was doing(do).

Dylan: The audience sat in the dark and I carried on singing!

Alan: Wow! Well done-that was pretty cool of you.

Dylan: Oh, that was nothing. As soon as the light came(come) back on, I realised my microphone did wor(not work) so while the guys fixed(fix)  the microphone, the band played on, and when it was fixed I started(start) singing again. No problem!

Alan: No problem? Well, I hope all your concerts aren’t like that.

Dylan: Yeah-me too!



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