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Homework…Ex.2,a,b,c,d… Future predictions…

Ex 2.a

  1. Many people think there are likely be problems with resources such as food and energy.
  2. For a start, we won’t be stuck in old bodies.
  3. Huge developmens in virtual reality technology that will keep us entertained for years.
  4. The future according to Ray Kurzweil looks good and we might just be around to see it.


1.A: I’m going to Disneyland in Paris next week.
B: Oh, you might love it. I went there last year and it was wonderful.

2.A:Are you coming to the party tonight?
B:Actually, I might not. I want to, but I have to get up early tomorrow. Ask me again later.

3.A:Do you know where you’re coming for your holidays next year?
B: We won’t go to South Africa. We haven’t decided yet, though.

4.A:Can I have the last piece of pizza.
B: If you do, there might not be any left for your brother!


  1. She probably won’t arrive before nine.
  2. He’ll get to  the tennis final, but he likely won’t win.
  3. Tomorrow’s holiday so the traffic is probably to be bad.
  4. He hasn’t studied at all so he’ll likely fail the test.
  5. The weather forecast says it’s not prbably to rain tomorrow.


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