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Homework…Impove your grammar 2…

Impove your grammar 1

John is writing a letter.

What is John writing?


She walks home from school.

Who walks home from school?


The children are sitting in the garden.

Where are the children sitting?


Peter runs with his dog on Sundays.

When does Peter run with his dog?


My rabbit has a cage in the garden.

What does your rabbit have in the garden?


They go to work by bus.

How do they go to work?


David likes cats because they are nice.

Why does David like cats?


Jenny isn’t sleeping late today.

Who isn’t sleeping late today?


We are going to the cinema.

Where are we going?


I’m leaving now.

When are you leaving?

Impove your grammar 2

She never cleans the van.
What does she never clean?


Kim and Tina are playing ball in the garden.
What are Kim and Tina playing in the garden?


They are running home.
Where are they running?


Mr Johnson has been living in Montreal for ten years.
Who has been living in Montreal for ten years?


Anne likes her new job very much.
How does Anne like her new job?


The Barnes are planning a trip to Norway.
Where are the Barnes planning a trip?


The shop will be closed until next month.
How long will the shop be closed?


Beverly usually gets up at 6.30 am.
When does Beverly usually get up?


He can’t meet Sharon because she is very ill.
Why can’t he meet Sharon?


Every evening Steven listens to his new CDs.
Who listens to his new CDs every evening?

Impove your grammar 3

She is opening a present.
What is she opening?


The boys are hiding under Tom’s bed.
Where are the boys hiding?


My sister prefers porridge for breakfast.
Who prefers porridge for breakfast?


On Thursday Jack has German, history and maths.
What does Jack have on Thursday?


Yesterday Carol and Jane went to the swimming pool.
When did Carol and Jane go to the swimming pool?


The plane is landing at the airport.
Where is the plane landing?


The telephone is ringing .
What is ringing?


Sarah has to stop because of a security check.
Why does Sarah have to stop?


Andrew’s new mountain bike costs €1000.
How much does Andrew’s new mountain bike cost?


At sunset Peter is walking along the beach .
Who is walking along the beach at sunset?


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