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Christmas questions…

1.Did you belive in Santa Claus when you where a child?

Yes, because for me Santa Claus is a one of the christmas miracles.

2.What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas.

I want to be Santa bring me a peace with my family.

3.Do you have a Christmas tree.

Yes I have a christmas tree, because christmas tree is a light in christmas.

4.Is it real or artifitial?

It’s artifital, it’s a green christmas tree.

5.When do you put it up?

We put it up on December 21.

6.When do you take it down?

We take it down on January 10

7.How do you decorate it?

We decorate it with beatutiful gerlante and with a beautiful toys and very important that I’m decorate it with my kind family.

8.Do you have a Christmas party at your school?

Yes, we have a christmas party and in party we are dancing, singing and we are spend very interesting and bright  time.

9.What is the best christmas present that you have ever got?

For me the best christmas present is my family, is my friends, is mt surroundigs and love to me, it’s the best present all the time. For me it’s animportant where you spend your christmas, important that you spend this christmas with your dear peoples.

10.What is the typical menu for a christmas meal in your family?

My mother makes armenian dolma, different salad, porg leg and other…

11.What do you buy for your parents?

I think that for my parents the  best present is not imateritalictics present.

12. What are you going to buy your friend for they’re christmas present.



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