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Page 67, Ex.1,a

1.I can’t afford to buy the new U2 CD this month.

2.I want to be a rock star.

3.I’ve decided to study engineering at university.

4. I must to give Jenny a birthday present.

5.I don’t mind to get up early during the week, but not at the weekend.

6. Sorry, I’m late. I stopped to check my email at the café.

7.I stopped drinking milk years ago.


1.If I lived by the beach, I would go surfing every day.

2. If we had a bigger house, I would not share a bedroom.

3.She would be healthier if she did some exercise.

4.We wouldn’t be lost if we had a map.

5. If he didn’t talk so quickly, I would understand him better.

6.What would you buy if you wan lots of money?


  1. My computer’s too slow.

I wish I had a faster computer

2.I’m too short. I wish I were a taller.

3. I don’t understand understand physics. If only  my teacher expland well.

4.My football team are bottom of the league. I wish my team were in the top.

5.I have to finish this tonight. If only my exercises were few.



  1. This is a great meal and it doesn’t need a lot of preparation.
  2. He has the perfect imagination for writing stories.
  3. Going to the cinema is my favorite from of entertainment.
  4. J.K Rowling is rich thanks to the popularity of Harry Potter.
  5. I always remember my grandmother for her kindness,
  6. From his reaction, I don’t think he was very happy.


  • Get away with it.
  • Arson
  • Do community service


2. If you don’t get caught, then you get away with it.

3. One example of do community service is cleaning up a dirty neighbourhood.

4. You are usually arson for very serious crimes.

5.Stealing sweets from a supermarkets shelf is break the law.

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