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2. It’s really big. secret. OK? You mustn’t tell anyone
3. I can’t came to your party. Mum says I’m not allowed to.
4. Do you have to wear a uniform to school.
5. I’m not completely stupid, you know. You mustn’t explain everything to me!
The radios were invented at the beginning of the 20th century. In the First World War, radios was used to communicate with solders. Since the 1960s, many of radios signals were sent into outer space. So far, no answers were received from other planets. It’s possible that the signals have  arrived on the other planets, but the massages weren’t understood.
The planets Mars will be explored during the next few years. Special robot vehicles the planets will be found to investigate the planets surface. It is possible that rocks and dust from Mars will be brought back to Earth when the vehicles return. These rocks will be examined to find out if it possible to live the Mars. The questions about the Red Planet will not be answered for a very long time
2. Mr Hart has cut her hair last mouth.
3. I have my laptop repaired.
4. Were going to have Tv install.
It’s not small, It’s huge
Cold? I’m absolutely hot.
It was more than interesting, it was amazing
That’s funny, Actually, it’s amount
Are you tired too. I’m absolutely exhausted 
2. Made
3. You did
4. He wants to make a lot of best
5. Drink this! It will make you good
6. It really makes a big di

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