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Distance learning…

Task 1. Use Future Perfect or Present Indefinite

1.He  will have reached ( to reach) the summit long before count ( to count) to one thousand

2.By the time John paints ( to paint) the living room, Sarah will have cooked ( to cook) his favourite meal.

3.When my mother will have returned ( to return) from work, I already do ( to do) the shopping.

4.Jack will have washed ( to wash) his car till you make ( to make ) dinner

5. By the time I get ( to get) there, the film will have started ( to start)

6.I will have spent ( to spend) all my holiday money by the end of the week.

7.He will have repaired ( to repair) Bill’s car when he comes( to come) to take it.

8.The learners will have not finished ( not to finish) the translation of the article before the teacher come ( to come)

9.By next year, she will have received( to receive) her promotion.

10.The play will not have started ( not to start) before we get ( to get) to the theatre.

Task 2. Examination Card 2

Task 1. Read the text, translate the last passage into English:

One day a man went to see his doctor and said to him, ‘I’ve swallowed a horse, doctor, and I feel very ill.’

The doctor thought for a few seconds and then said, ‘All right, Mr. Lloyd, I’ll help you. Please lie down on this bed.’

The doctor’s nurse gave the man an injection, the man went to sleep, and the doctor went out quickly to look for a horse in the town. After half an hour he found one, borrowed it and took it into his office, so

when Mr. Lloyd woke up, it was there in front of him.

– Ահա ձին, պարո՛ն Լոյդ,- ասաց բժիշկը,- ես հանել եմ նրան ձեր ստամոքսից և այն այլևս ձեզ չի անհանգստացնի:

-Here is the horse, mister Llyord-said  the  doctor-I took it from your stomach and it’ll never worry you any more.

Սկզբում պարոն Լոյդը ուրախացավ, բայց հետո կրկին նայեց ձիուն և ասաց.

At first, mister Lloyd was happy, but then he looked at the horse again and said.

– Բայց… բժի՛շկ, իմ ձին սպիտակ էր, իսկ այս մեկը շագանակագուն է:

-But…Doctor, my horse was white, but this one is brown.

Task 2. Use the verbs in the brackets in the correct tense form:

  1. He met his wife when he was working  (work) in Brussels
  2. – My father  has gone(go) to the bank. He’ll be back soon.
  3. My students were not listening  (not listen) when I gave the instructions.
  4. Gonzalo is thirsty! I will get (get) him a glass of water
  5. If it didn’t rain (not rain) we’d lie on the beach.

task 3. Read the text and fill in the gaps in the text with one of the four choices given below.     From the history of tennis

Four thousand years ago, an Egyptian sculptor carved a picture on a wall of two women hitting a ball back and forth from hand to (1) hand. Is this the ancestor of tennis?

Tennis was …….. (2) to Norway from Greece in 500 A>D. It became so popular betwean the twelfth and fourteenth century that every town in  France had own……(3).But this was a very different game from the one we see at Wimbledon today. At first the game was played bar-handed with a leather ball filled with dog’s hair. …..(4) rougher materials like sand and chalk were used but these caused injures to the players’ bands. This led to the use of protective gloves. …… (5) got bigger and bigger as time went on until it was necessary to cut out the centres and replace them with fight ropes. Gradually these gloves evolved into rackets.

  1. a) in b)under     c)out   d) to
  2. a) sent b)caught     c)known  d) brought
  3. a) centre b)hall     c)courtroom  d) court
  4. a) Later b)Late     c)Lately  d) Latter
  5. a) it b)which     c)this  d) what

Task 2

Task 1.The project ‘’ A tour for my friend’’

Imagine your friend from the UK is coming to Armenia. Your English friend is going to stay at you for three days, you need to make a three-day tour package for your friend. Make a tour including such sights, restaurants, places which you think are worth visiting.

I think, that Armenia is really very beautiful and wonderful place. At first I want to tell about Ashtarak and Lori, because Ashtarak and Lori are like my my countries and in spite of this Ashtarak it’s really special place, but Lori is magical, really. And I want to tell about Tatev.  A visit to Tatev is one of the most popular things to do in Armenia for visitors. The monastery is a majestic medieval (9th century AD) structure located on the edge of a deep gorge and surrounded by amazing mountainous landscapes. In order to get to the monastery, you can take the cable-car (listed in the Guinness Book of Records as being the longest in the world). You will glide over the deep gorge for about 20 minutes and enjoy the fantastic scenery. Join a day tour from Yerevan to Tatev or a two-day southern Armenia tour that includes the Tatev monastery. Lake Sevan is also considered to be one of the highest lakes in the world and sometimes it seems as if the azure waters are about to touch the sky. Its beauty has earned the lake the nickname ‘the pearl of Armenian nature’. While at the lake, you can have a BBQ, cruise on a yacht or catamaran or simply relax and take in the amazing scenery. Sevan is also known for its fish “ishxan” (Armenian trout), so once in Sevan don’t miss the opportunity to order delicious fish dishes at one of the local cafés or restaurants. Join a tour to Lake Sevan. The city centre of ancient Yerevan is perfect place for walk, you can visit cafes, do shopping…

Task 2. Everything about interesting ” How can a blog be an educational tool in our school?” Family members tell their opinions ( part 7)

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