Рубрика: Անգլերեն

We are teenagers…

We are teenagers. What does it mean? And yes, it doesn’t matter what do you like to do, which subject is your favorite, and what do you want to do in future. It means that we can be not very punctual, we can, and sometimes we will make a mistake, and that’s really okay, cause we think, that we understand everything, everyone, we can decide… We want to do something special, we want to be something special, have friends, enjoy our life. School, lessons, our life, it’s too hard for us, but our parents, our teachers can’t understand us, they don’t want, cause you know, we are teenagers, and they think that situation will be passed, sometimes that isn’t. Sometimes that situation can change our whole life and us. They can’t take it seriously. Drugs, cigarettes, police, teenagers, and mostly boys, really think they can withstand situation with that, or they can seem like a cool guy with that. It hurts our parents, sometimes our real friends.

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